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NDIS Service Agreement

(As of 1st July, 2021)
PosAbility is no longer be a registered NDIS Provider and therefore, cannot offer funding through the NDIS Portal as a method of payment for our services. We are able to continue to see clients that are self-managed or plan-managed through an external plan coordinator. In this case, the PosAbility payment procedures and policies apply. In addition, the following guidelines apply;

  • If NDIS reports or paperwork is required, the participant must provide the following details at the time of booking their initial consultation;
    1. NDIS goals
    2. Details of plan manager / coordinator if appropriate
    3. Date of plan commencement
  • Clients managed through an external agency must provide details of payment procedures. If payment is not received within two weeks of each appointment, all future appointments will be placed on hold until payment is up to date.
  • For clients managed through a plan-coordination agency, if additional paperwork is required (such as completion of time sheets or preparation of invoices in a different format to the PosAbility invoices), an administration fee of $5 per session will be applied.
  • A minimum of three weeks notice is required for any NDIS review reports. If standardised testing is required, a minimum of four weeks is required.
  • Review reports are charged on an hourly basis at the rate of $165 per hour for OT and $185 per hour for Psychology and Speech Pathology to a maximum of three hours. If standardised testing is required, the cost will be discussed prior to confirming the booking. If testing is conducted within a regular session, the assessment and reporting fee will be in addition to the cost of the regular session.
  • If a specific service agreement is required in addition to our regular engagement contract, the cost of setting up this agreement will be charged on an hourly basis at the hourly rate to a maximum of three hours.
  • Therapists and consultants will set goals in collaboration with the parents that are in alignment with the child’s needs and in consideration of the NDIS goals. The therapist and consultant will plan sessions and make notes in each session based on these goals. All assessments and reporting will be planned to evaluate the agreed goals and sessions conducted.
  • Where the goals or skills being worked on do not match the NDIS goals, this may impact on the client’s ability to utilise their NDIS funding and is the parent’s responsibility.
  • For all sessions booked and held at the PosAbility Australia, the client is responsible for all payments in accordance with PosAbility Australia Payments and Procedure Policy regardless of whether NDIS funding is applicable or available.

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