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Academic Intervention Service Agreement

    The success of PosAbility academic intervention programs are based on the following principles;

    • Creation of an individualised program, targeting an individual’s identified needs
    • Program created through selection of evidence-based programs and methods to meet a child’s needs
    • Use of direct, explicit and systematic instruction
    • Need for modeled, guided and independent practice to consolidate learning
    • Incorporation of positive teaching techniques and motivation strategies
    • Frequency of practice to be a minimum of three to four times each week

    In commencing an intervention program with PosAbility, the following is agreed;

    • Your child may be required to complete some homework activities to ensure the optimal frequency of practice is met. The duration and type of homework will be discussed prior to commencement of the program and vary depending on the individual needs of each student.
    • Where possible, the parent will communicate the goals and content of the program to the child’s school and teachers. Collaboration between all individuals providing services to the individual child is encouraged.
    • Regular attendance at planned appointments is required to ensure consistency and continuity in service provision.
    • Fostering a positive attitude towards the program and attendance is essential to a child’s ongoing commitment and engagement. Any child or parental concerns regarding content or delivery of the program will be discussed with the consultant overseeing or delivering the program as soon as possible.

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