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Robanne is a senior educational consultant and one of our intensive program managers at PosAbility. She has extensive experience in assisting students with a range of additional needs to reach their potential.

Qualified teacher with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) from Macquarie University, specialising in learning support

Before commencing at PosAbility in 2015, Robanne worked with the Lindamood-Bell clinics as Centre Director and was responsible for establishing and overseeing one of their two Sydney learning centres. Robanne has undergone extensive training through the structured mentoring and training program within Lindamood Bell to achieve the highest possible level of expertise in the Lindamood Bell Learning Processes within Australia. This training received through Lindamood-Bell, in combination with her experience and training in education and learning support has built a very strong foundation for her ongoing professional development in other evidence-based literacy and numeracy program and methodologies. She has been able to integrate her knowledge in the Lindamood-Bell training programs with the current research and evidence regarding the Science of teaching literacy and numeracy to drive the PosAbility approach to planning and implementing truly customised and personalised evidence based intervention programs.

Since working at PosAbility, Robanne has achieved wonderful results with all of her students. She has wide experience in working with children with special needs, including children with Specific Learning Disorders, including Dyslexia (reading), Dysgraphia (writing) and Dyscalculia (Mathematics), as well as children with a range of special needs, including children with ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder. She is a passionate advocate of students with learning difficulties, being a parent to a daughter with Dyslexia, ADHD and anxiety.  Robanne enjoys creating lessons that are challenging but achievable, in a positive and fun environment, that celebrate every learning success.

Robanne has significant experience and expertise in providing specialised learning intervention programs, spanning nine years since she transitioned from her career as an accountant to focus her career on her passion in working with children and learning. She demonstrates a high level of skills in;
• Assessment of literacy and numeracy skills
• Analysing a student’s profile to prioritise and set SMART goals
• Drawing on a range of evidence-based literacy and numeracy intervention programs to customise a student’s program
• Structuring and developing individual reading, spelling and numeracy programs
• Evaluating a child’s progress and adjusting the program to ensure ongoing improvements
• Collaborating and liaising with parents and teachers to maximise a child’s outcomes
• Training staff in delivery of programs
• Coordinating a child’s individual learning program, drawing on a range of evidence based programs to compose an intensive and targeted intervention for children significantly behind their peers


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