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Margrit has extensive experience in assessing literacy difficulties, designing literacy interventions for low-progress readers and providing intervention support. She has been organising and implementing professional development courses and workshops for teachers, school counsellors and parents and has been a presenter at conferences and seminars in the area of learning difficulties (literacy) and student Behaviour Management and Behaviour Modification strategies.  

Dipl. Teach., Spec. Ed., M. Spec. Ed. Research Method

Margrit is a special educator with 25 years experience working as Learning Support teacher in regular schools and as special educator in special schools as well as support program consultant and coordinator in Sydney and in NSW country schools. Her 1st Learning Support position was at Manly Village Primary School and Seaforth Public School teaching students with learning difficulties in literacy and mathematics.

In her next employment at Palm Avenue School SSP, Margrit’s responsibilities included developing and delivering literacy programs for country students with severe learning difficulties. These students received a short term, intensive intervention at Palm Avenue School. Margrit then provided ongoing program assistance to returned students and country school teachers. In addition, she was co-ordinating the Davidson Cluster Reading intervention Program (1993-1994) and in 1993, she filled the position of Acting Principal.  

In 1996 Margrit was appointed executive teacher then assistant principal of the Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC). Margrit was responsible for the running of the MUSEC School for Children with Special Needs (Macquarie University). She acted as consultant in various MultiLit (Making Up Lost Time in Literacy) programs, on and off campus, as well as interstate. Margrit was involved in the setting up Multilit Outreach Tutorial Centres in Sydney and Queensland and in the last few years she used her expertise when monitoring Tutorial Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, and Darwin, making program adjustments as necessary. She was actively involved in program and product development and was part of the team that developed the revised Multilit Reading Tutor program. Her responsibilities also included the organization and implementation of professional development courses and workshops for teachers and speaking at conferences and seminars.

For seven years (2007-2001) Margrit worked for the Department of Education and Training as Designated Support Teacher Learning Assistance. She provided professional learning for teachers and tutors and designed, implemented and monitored individualised, intensive literacy programs for students with severe literacy needs.

Margrit is currently working as a Literacy consultant and has the strong belief that with the appropriate intervention, low achievers can be taught the missing skills which will enable them to reach their full potential in a short period of time.


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