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The creation of personalised learning opportunities is a priority for Jasmin. When programming, she uses standardised assessments and other data to develop literacy and numeracy activities that meet learners at the correct point of challenge. She uses evidence-based teaching strategies to support students who experience difficulties with working memory, organisation and concentration.

2007 completed a combined Bachelor of Teaching/ Bachelor of Arts (Primary) degree at the University of Newcastle, majoring in Linguistics.
2017 decided to pursue her passion for supporting students with special needs, and began a Master of Special and Inclusive Education, also through the University of Newcastle.

Jasmin has over 12 years of teaching experience at schools in the public and independent sector in both NSW and the United Kingdom. This includes two years working as a Learning Support Teacher in a secondary school, and over seven years as a primary school teacher at an independent girls’ school in Sydney’s North Shore. During this time, Jasmin has taught children with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities including dyslexia, ADHD and Autism. She also has experience working with children who are performing well beyond grade expectations. Teaching in these diverse settings has enabled her to grow and develop as a flexible, resourceful and collaborative educator.

Jasmin is passionate about student wellbeing. Meaningful engagement in learning can only occur when learners feel safe to take risks and recognise mistakes as opportunities to grow and learn. Jasmin achieves this by creating a nurturing learning environment. She actively celebrates strengths and promotes a growth mindset so that students have every opportunity to reach their potential.

It goes without saying that a parent knows his or her child better than anyone. With this in mind, Jasmin encourages open and frequent communication with home. She also recognises collaboration with parents, and where possible, classroom teachers, as an opportunity to achieve the best outcomes for her students.


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