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Fiona is a highly accomplished and passionate literacy specialist with a diverse background in psychology, academia, child development, organisational behaviour, and intellectual property law.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Psychology (Honours)
MBA (Major HRM)
Graduate Diploma in IP Law

With a passion for empowering individuals through literacy, Fiona has dedicated her career to helping others develop their academic writing and literacy skills in decoding, encoding, and writing.

Fiona began her academic journey by earning a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), where she developed a deeper understanding of child development, human behaviour, and cognition. This foundation in Psychology provided Fiona with valuable insights into the cognitive processes involved in literacy development and child learning and development, sparking her initial interest in the field.

Motivated by a desire to make a difference in the lives of struggling readers, Fiona pursued a career as a Psychologist Intern (HRHS), working closely with individuals of all ages to improve their literacy skills. During this time, Fiona gained valuable experience in counselling and assessing reading difficulties, designing tailored intervention programs, and provided one-on-one support to help individuals overcome their challenges.

Fiona followed this period working in Tabuk Primary School (English Curriculum) in Tabuk, Saudia Arabia assisting and developing learning programs for children with mild learning delay, dyslexia, and ADHD. Recognising the importance of education Fiona transitioned into a role within academia as an Adjunct lecturer while residing in Singapore. In this capacity Fiona taught courses on child developmental psychology, organisational behaviour, and human resource management.

Driven by desire to expand her knowledge and skill set, Fiona pursued an MBA majoring in HRM. This degree equipped Fiona with a solid foundation in business management, enabling her to effectively navigate the administrative aspects of her work as a literacy specialist. Fionas unique combination of psychological expertise and business acumen allows her to approach literacy interventions from a holistic perspective considering both the individuals needs and the broader educational context.

With a breath of experience as a Psychologist Intern, Adjunct Lecturer, and a literacy specialist with certifications in Orton-Gillingham, handwriting without tears, Lindamood Bell, Dyscalculia and SPELD NSW Teachers Certificate in (Literacy intervention), Fiona is a highly skilled professional who is dedicated to improving the literacy outcomes of individuals of all ages. Her unique combination of qualifications and expertise allows her to approach literacy intervention from multiple angles, ensuring that each individual receives the tailored support they need to succeed. Her main motto is never stop learning and once you have unlocked the keys to learning keep pushing through until you learn and thrive!


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