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Amy is a provisional psychologist and health and fitness coach with over eleven years’ experience in helping individuals of all ages overcome personal challenges. Amy holds provisional registration as a psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and has worked therapeutically with children with a range of special needs in early intervention, right through to young adults transitioning from high school.

Bachelor of Psychology Science with Honours at ACU

While completing her psychology degree, Amy worked as a behaviour therapist specialising in the diverse needs of autistic children (aged 18 months – 20 years) and their families. Using evidence based therapies and a naturalistic teaching approach, she learned how to make effective therapy fun for children of all ages in individual, group, school, and social settings. Amy has experience in behaviour management, social skills, emotion regulation and enjoys working closely with a child’s support network to help decrease behaviours of concern and identify teaching moments within everyday routines. Amy has also worked with children and young adults to develop functional literacy, numeracy and daily living skills and has experience in eveloping and implementing individualised intervention programs for psychology students at university which included literacy, numeracy, and statistics. She loves working with the little ones supporting them at preschool, but has become passionate about working with older children and young adults with a range of special needs in overcoming their learning challenges.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours from Australian Catholic University, and is currently enrolled in the Master of Brain and Mind Science at Sydney University. She has a keen interest in neuropsychology, neuroplasticity, and working with children who have processing speed and executive function difficulties using neurodiverse affirming therapies. Amy’s previous research projects include investigating the implicit trust behaviour at first impression; the effectiveness of emotion recognition interventions for individuals living with chronic traumatic brain injuries; and has collaborated on projects examining the effectiveness of therapies for children with ADHD. In her current research, Amy is developing a program that focusses on satisfying the basic psychological needs of autistic youth, and is developing a psychometric scale to compliment the program.

Amy has an interest in conducting a range of psychological and educational assessments to assist in identifying and planning to meet each individual child’s needs. Amy is trained in a range of counselling techniques and therapies to provide services for children with a range of difficulties, including: anxiety, depression, global developmental delay, ADHD and autism. She brings with her a devotion to helping every individual child reach their potential and a joy in language and learning.
At PosAbility, Amy provides a range of intervention and support services, drawing on her diverse knowledge from her psychology training, experience as a behaviour therapist and ongoing professional development and training in assessment and intervention for children with learning difficulties here at PosAbility. Amy provides the following services at PosAbility:
• Individualised and customised literacy and numeracy intervention programs for students in primary and high school
• Assessment of cognitive and academic abilities, including diagnostic assessments for Specific Learning Disorders, such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, as well as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Developmental Delays.


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