Being a Psychologist at PosAbility

At Posability, our Psychologists have a diverse set of skills and can co-create their role, drawing on their strengths, interests and passions in line with our mission in supporting children with learning difficulties and developmental delays. Our Psychologists have the opportunity to learn and implement a wide range of assessments, with a focus on evidence-based assessment of Specific Learning Disorders (e.g. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia), ADHD and Autism. Our Psychologists work with children and their families to provide evidence-based counselling, parenting and executive functioning intervention services and have the opportunity to initiate, lead or facilitate group programs in areas of interest, such as mindfulness, social advocacy, resilience, problem-solving etc. Psychologists with an interest in learning difficulties are also able to be trained in and implement literacy and/or numeracy interventions. Our Psychologists are also able to be part of our Outreach services in rural and regional NSW. Our Psychologists work collaboratively with our educational consultants and allied health therapists as part of our intensive intervention and group programs. Each Psychologist is provided with a budget for professional development and provided with internal individual and small-group supervision and mentoring.

“Working at PosAbility allows me to combine my passions as a teacher and Psychologist to provide assessments, counselling and educational intervention. I love working collaboratively with the wonderful multidisciplinary team at PosAbility that all share their passion and love for helping children to reach their potential and thrive. We are all learning and developing together and making a real difference to lives of the children and families we see.”- Kathryn, Psychologist at PosAbility

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