Psychology and Educational Support for Children


PosAbility is a unique child educational and psychology clinic combining the knowledge and skills of special educators, teachers, psychologists and other child therapists. PosAbility offers a range of quality educational services to pre-school and school aged children and adolescents to maximise their ability to learn to their highest potential. We are a group of passionate therapists who aim to support children through POSITIVE methods to maximise their natural ABILITIES.

Our Services

Positive ways to maximize your childen's ability to learn, live and grow

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PosAbility Psychologists are experienced in working with children and their families to develop a range of skills, as well having had experience as classroom teachers in a range of settings. We offer a range of services, including assessment, counselling and group programs to meet your child's and family's needs, to maximise their ability to learn to their potential, live life to the full and grow to be all they can be. A range of assessments are available to help identify a child's strengths and weaknesses to help teachers and parents better support a child at home and school. Assessments are also available to diagnose a wide range of difficulties, including dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and anxiety.

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PosAbility offers comprehensive educational assessments and individualised intervention programs to improve a child's reading, comprehension, spelling, writing and Mathematics. Specialists in Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia are available. Programs to develop study and organisation skills for high school students are also available. Our programs are developed and implemented by specialised teachers and therapists with training and experience in a range of evidence based programs and methods. We also offer an intensive program for children that are significantly behind in literacy or numeracy, where children attend 2-3 hours each day, four time per week. Holiday intensive and group programs are also available.

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Occupational Therapy

PosAbility Occupational Therapists are experienced in working with children and their families to meet your child's needs and to maximise their ability to learn to their potential, live life to the full and grow to be all they can be. Our OT services include assessments and therapy to develop a range of skills, incorporating fine motor, gross motor, motor planning, sensory processing, visual motor integration, daily living skills, play skills, handwriting, emotional regulation and executive functioning. Our OTs also complete access assessments for exams (including HSC). Group programs are available, including school readiness, touch typing, handwriting and writing programs.

Other Programs

Intensive Program

Our intensive Program is a unique customised and individualised program for children with complex needs. Originally designed for children with specific learning difficulties that are at least two years behind in literacy and/or learning, we are now incorporating intensive speech and language therapy and occupational therapy services into our program. Children attend the centre for four days per week, 2 - 3 hours each day within school time. The program is created by a team of special educators and therapists with extensive experience in program development and intervention. The intensive Program is an effective way to give your child a boost without the pressures of attending therapy outside of school hours.

Transition to School Program - Step Up to School

A supportive transition program The Step Up to School program is run weekly for 4-5 year old children that will be going to school the following year. The program will be created by our multidisciplinary team, including occupational therapists, early childhood teachers, special educators, speech pathologists and psychologists. The aim of the group is for children to develop the independent, social and academic skills required for a successful transition to primary school. To achieve this, individualised goals will be set based on your areas of need for your child and developed within a group setting. The group will have a ratio of one adult to three children and will be run by an occupational therapist and early childhood teacher. NDIS funding may be utilised, depending on each individual’s plan. Areas that may be covered include; - Motor skills - Social skills - Resilience - Phonemic Awareness - Vocabulary - Group skills. Contact 94204101 or email for more information.