Robbie Morris
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Robbie Morris

Robbie Morris

Robbie has been an educational consultant at PosAbility since the beginning of 2017, providing intervention and educational services for children from Kindergarten to Year 12 in literacy and for children from Kindergarten to Year 9 in Mathematics. Robbie has previously completed an undergraduate degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing at Macquarie University. He is currently completed his second degree; a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) at Macquarie University.

Robbie is a very experienced educational consultant in both literacy and numeracy. Before working at PosAbility, Robbie worked at the Lindamood-Bell Centre and has undergone their extensive training and mentoring program in all of the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes over a period of three years. This provided a strong foundation for his development of expertise in planning and providing high quality educational intervention for children who are significantly behind in literacy and/or numeracy. At Lindamood Bell, Robbie achieved the position of mentor; a role which involves instructing other clinicians and analysing sessions to maximise their instructional effectiveness.

Robbie brings his insight and experience as an educational consultant to his new learnings as a student of Psychology to all of his sessions. He has experience in working with children with Specific Learning Disorders, including Dyslexia (reading), Dysgraphia (writing) and Dyscalculia (Mathematics), as well as children with a range of special needs, including children with ADHD, Autism, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder. Robbie has an excellent ability to engage and motivate his students and this comes from his love of helping students increase their self-esteem through learning in a positive and relaxed environment.

Robbie has experience in:

  • Assessment of literacy and numeracy skills
  • Analysing a student’s profile to prioritise and set SMART goals
  • Drawing on a range of evidence-based literacy and numeracy intervention programs to customise a student’s program
  • Structuring and developing individual reading, spelling and numeracy programs
  • Evaluating a child’s progress and adjusting the program to ensure ongoing improvements
  • Collaborating and liaising with parents and teachers to maximise a child’s outcomes