Occupational Therapy (OT)
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Occupational Therapy (OT)


Our Occupational Therapists provide assessment and therapy services to assist with the following difficulties:

  • Handwriting speed and legibility
  • Fine motor (e.g. tying shoelaces, doing up buttons)
  • Gross motor (e.g. throwing, kicking, catching, balancing, riding a bike)
  • Sensory Processing (being over or under sensitive to sensory stimuli)
  • Visual motor integration (e.g. pre-writing skills and copying diagrams/graphs)
  • Visual Perceptual Processing (scanning, copying from the board)
  • Daily living activities (e.g. dressing, feeding, eating with a knife and fork)
  • Touch typing
  • Voice to text and other alternative options for recording information


PosAbility offers a range of occupational therapy assessments for pre-school, school age and HSC students. These include comprehensive assessments, handwriting assessments, exam provisions, sensory processing and living skills assessments. This is through the use of standardised assessment and clinical observations. The assessment process will identify areas of strengths and difficulties as well as recommendations on how to improve the areas of concern.


Our occupational therapy services are individualised, fun, interactive and targeted at the areas that need focus following assessment. Sessions are 45 or 60 minutes long and can be completed in the Lane Cove clinic, at school or at home.