Psychology and Educational Support for Children


PosAbility is a unique child educational and psychology clinic combining the knowledge and skills of special educators, teachers, psychologists and other child therapists. PosAbility offers a range of quality educational services to pre-school and school aged children and adolescents to maximise their ability to learn to their highest potential. We are a group of passionate therapists who aim to support children through POSITIVE methods to maximise their natural ABILITIES.

Our Services

Positive ways to maximize your childen's ability to learn, live and grow

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PosAbility Psychologists are experienced in working with children and their families, as well having had experience as classroom teachers in a range of settings. We offer a range of services to meet your child’s needs, to maximise their ability to learn to their potential, live life to the full and grow to be all they can be.

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PosAbility offers comprehensive individualised intervention programs to work on targeted cognitive skills, such as processing speed, working memory, planning and monitoring. Skills are worked on in the context of everyday academic tasks. Individualised Literacy and numeracy intervention programs are also available.

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A range of cognitive, academic, behavioural and emotional assessments are provided to pre-school, primary school and high-school students. The assessment process will help identify a child’s strengths and weaknesses and help teachers and parents better understand the cause and nature of the difficulties a child is having academically or socially at school.

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A range of evidence based counselling techniques and psychological therapies may be used to empower children and their families to overcome and manage low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, behavioural difficulties and other emotional barriers to maximise the child’s ability and enable them to reach their potential.

Coming April School Holiday Workshops

At PosAbility we are pleased to announce our April School holiday programs!

Writing Matters - NAPLAN Preparation and Writing Skills

A small group program for children in Years 3-6 facilitated by Occupational Therapist, Hayley Smith and Psychologist and Teacher, Katrina Sheraton-Yu. Along with basic writing skills, Week one will target development of persuasive writing techniques and Week two will target creative and narrative writing. Attendance for one or both weeks available. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday both weeks of holidays 10:00am-12:00pm

Touch Typing

A group program that will use carefully chosen activites and online software to build typing skills. Software that can be utilised once the program has finished will be chosen. Attendance for one or both weeks is available. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday both weeks of the holidays. 9:00am-10:00am

Sounds Matters!

A small group program for children in Kindergarten and Year 1 to revise and consolidate their early reading skills. This program is designed for children that are having difficulties in acquiring knowledge of letter-sound relationships and applying this to reading and writing. 14th and 15th April 9:00am:10:00 am

Professional Development

PosAbility consultants offer a range of teacher and professional training programs covering a broad range of topics. Consultants are available for individual, small group or larger group training sessions at schools or in private clinics on topics such as; -Supporting children with learning difficulties in the classroom -Effective advocacy for children with special needs -Twice exceptional children: Identifying and supporting these "at risk" children - ADHD - Supporting children in the classroom - Setting goals and writing individual plans - Interpreting assessment results and planning individual programs